About me

I consider myself a shy guy, but also non-conformist, a bit of a dreamer, very honest and good people. I love animals and Nature. I also like open relaxing spaces. That's why I consider myself a good observer. I also use to go out at night, for dinner, movies or a couple of drinks. But nowadays I'd rather enjoy a good sunny day, a "paella", on the beach or in the country, with my family or friends, or a day trip to any interesting place, like a theme park, an old village or the countryside. I also like travelling, even though I do it much less as I'd like. Another plan I love to do is riding my bicycle along the waterfront or the river crossing my town. One of my major interests is tropical aquariums. I've got myself a 300 litres (80 gal) aquarium devoted to African cyclids. Well, I also like reading whenever I can: black novel, botanical, geography, etc. However most of my free time goes for web developing, programming, computers, technology,.. your know, as a good self-taught guy, due to my inquiring and curious mind. Yet another of my interests: videogames. Yes, I love playing PC and PS3 videogames. Regarding music, my favorite styles are not conventional. I'm not very interested in today's music, very few things such as Best Coast or Camera Obscura. I prefer listening to classics from the 60's to 80's: indie pop/rock, garage, power-pop, blues or soul. Bands I love: The Ramones, Rolling Stones, The Smiths, Simple Minds, U2, Beach Boys, Hoodoo Gurus.

Here I am!