Welcome to my personal website. Here you will see some of the thingies and monsters I've created during my years in web developing and design, as well as in graphic design.

I tried to adapt my page to the new times. No Flash. Just HTML5.  For better or worse (in fact I spent lots of time in Flash and Actionscript) it is almost obsolete. I built my own CMS so that I can edit my content more easily from the backend, instead of having to modify a file or a database record directly each time I need to edit something. In addition, I took into account the new technologies: tablets, smartphones, ..., which were initially a new challenge for web design. <span 1.6em;"="">But thanks to the responsive design the current template frameworks include, such as Bootstrap, which I'm using in my web, this job becomes quite easier.

I hope you like my web and you find it useful. If you want to contact me or just drop me a line, for any question, project, etc, don't hesitate to use the form at the end of this page.

HTML5, Codeigniter sobre PHP, MySQL, Bootstrap y CSS3, jQuery y Javascript, CKEditor, Fresco Lightbox