Perfumes Valencia and 24 horas

I was responsible for web and graphic design in this company devoted to selling perfumes and sunglasses online, especially newsletters, ads and banners. I frequently used to help the official developers to add improvements and fixes in their OSCommerce platform. Two highlights regarding this were a help desk system, which led me afterwards to create my own help desk extension for Joomla, and a virtual sunglasses tester. The one I show you in this page is not the one I made when I was working for them. Theirs was made with Actionscript 2 whereas this one was completely made from ground up in Actionscript 3, even though they had a very similar graphic interface.

Technologies used:

Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks, Flash, Actionscript, PHP, MySQL, OSCommerce

Perfumes Valencia and 24 horas